What is Micro-Internship?

Have you heard of Micro-Internship?

Parker Dewey is partnering up with HubSpot to offer micro-internships to college students. 

Parker Dewey defines this type of internship as “Micro-Internships with Parker Dewey are short-term, paid, professional projects open to all college students and recent graduates of U.S.-based institutions. From working directly with an entrepreneur to supporting a large enterprise, you’ll have the opportunity to explore different roles and company cultures as you gain valuable experience.”

Micro-Internship Available

Hubspot partnered up with a company that offers short-term work opportunities. These are called “micro-internships”.

Through this program, your students can apply what they’ve learned in your class on real, paid, professional HubSpot-related assignments for companies.

To learn more about this program, visit —>this site

This program helps you apply and amplify what you learned in class and gain valuable experience.